Entertainment Management


Our entertainment management division of XM Management Group is structured to handle the daily business affairs of prominent Actors, Models, Music Artist, and Musicians. We focus on talent development for rising stars! We provide business consulting, tour support, contract negotiations, and other services that allow our talent to focus on what’s most important. Being creative is encouraged and free will to express artistic ideas makes XM Management Group one of the best companies to trust with your entertainment business models. With an extensive background in music arrangement and performing, we are able to identify with the challenges associated with trying to conduct business while maintaining a level of professionalism within an entertainment entity. XM Management Group takes pride in our integrity and offer an open door policy if there are any concerns that can be handled within our control to ensure that you can be the best that you can be.


Russ Shanks is our current artist who is being recognized for his continuous strides towards perfection with tenacious conviction. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Russ dominates the independent charts with new releases, videos, and live performances that leave no doubt of his ability to deliver outstanding messages of strength, spirituality, and meekness to his growing fan base. Being nominated and recognized in several categories throughout the spiritual circuit adds grandeur to his humble personality as he seeks to be recognized as being conscious of the world around him. Accolades are hard to come but, but he manages to keep them coming with his growing discography collection with strong promotional content like “Enough is Enuff” which magnifies the ongoing problem of police brutality not only in his area, but surrounding cities and states as well. He embraces the love of his city as he pays homage to it with the song, “I Dream of Baltimore” in addition to other songs with independent artist like “Out on the Edge. The grind is continuous with new releases, “Supremacy”, “Take the Tie off” and “Under Privilege” that won best song in 2018 by Akademia. We believe in taking the road less traveled in order to develop a blueprint and open the doors of opportunity for other artist coming behind us.